But who needs perfect, anyway, we can help you get pretty darn close. Cotton is breathable, and goodness knows those furs need to breathe. Now that you know how to store fur, what the should you be looking for when you buy vintage pieces? Furs are different than most clothing in that a tear cannot be easily fixed—keep that in mind. Is dust coming off? Wearing and buying vintage fur is a highly individual choice—and lucky for you, Rice and Beans Vintage has you covered either way! Did you get a peek at the Prada colored faux fur stoles before they sold?


The original use for the jeans was for miners during the Gold Rush—opportunists at the very bottom of the working class, venturing to California with very limited means, fighting the wilderness, each other, and deadly diseases eager to get a piece of the pie. Image via LongJohn. A century of truckers and blousons, however, has made for a multitude of models that many devote their lives to cataloging.

Much of their original archives were destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake in and subsequent fire. One has to rely heavily on the knowledge of collectors and enthusiasts, communicating through cyberspace and sharing on various forums and blogs, their finds and findings. Sometimes incorrect, poorly written, badly translated or based on counterfeit products, these pieces of information are hard to trust, but that same uncertainty is what keeps the treasure hunt going, and what has kept it going for centuries now.

First french luxury faux fur fashion brand made in Paris founded by Lydia Bahia. Warm Faux fur Bomber jackets, coats, scarves. Passionate about vintage, She launched in her Vegan fur collection, La Seine&moi, a tribute to Paris and its Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest arrivals.

Fur Headquarters is the largest supplier of fur garments and accessories in the U. Shop our selection of highquality furs online today. Vintage Faux Fur Leather Coat Overland is the nation’s most trusted source of quality fur coats for women. Browse our extensive selection of mink, beaver, rabbit, fox and lynx coats. Escape into Nature Jacket in Moss A womans coat or jacket is rarely worn just to ward off the elements and keep warm, although these garments certainly do both of those things.

More than a means of covering up, they are as important to an outfits overall fashion statement as the right dress, pair of. Fur Coats New used furs for men and women wholesale price direct from the manufacture sales on garments and accessories. A womens vintage mink fur coat. This tan mink fur coat features a shawl collar, hook and eye closure and a fabric lining.

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To sign off, here is our Mini Beret Pom in coral, sporting a mini mink pom-pom from the vintage coat. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Sign up to receive special offers, new product releases and hear about upcoming events. Home Forever Tallis Recycling a vintage mink coat.

Shop our selection of highquality furs online today. Vintage Faux Fur Leather Coat Overland is the nation’s most trusted source of quality fur coats for women.

We saw it all over the runways in a variety of styles, from Rachel Zoe vests to full-on fur coats, gloves, earmuffs, scarfs and everything in between. I consider myself nothing more or less than an animal of this earth. However, I will also declare that I will buy vintage fur or leather products as a sustainable option to use the resources which are pre-existing.

I believe that we each have a right to our own opinions, no matter the subject matter. So, vintage lovers! Before launching into identifying vintage furs of mink, fox, rabbit, beaver and raccoon , I must point out that fur is a big trend for winter

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Fur clothing is clothing made of furry animal hides. Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing, and is thought to have been widely used as hominids first expanded outside Africa. Some view fur as luxurious and warm; others reject it due to moral concerns for animal rights.

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Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Before we start, I will say right now that I have no intentions on selling this coat on eBay , I am well aware of the laws in effect in my state and will proceed accordingly. That said, I am not used dealing with vintage, if not antique fur coats! That was part of an estate, and the actual owner would like to know the value of such piece.

Size is: sleeves approx. The coat was cut at one point, and 2 hats were made with the pieces. What would be the value of something like that?? Thank you all for your help!! Could it be Geoffrey cat?

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Now for a much more seasonal post: vintage fur. You may find answers to fur price questions. I am dealing with a spate of questions from people about vintage furs.

Full-length fur coat by Mooneys Furs, circa s. women were kept up to date – fur being as subject to the whims of fashion as any other clothing. Young alternative dressers were seeking out vintage fur coats and fox fur stoles which they.

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Grandma’s Vintage Fur: Is It Valuable? Is It Ethical? How Do I Sell It?

By Lisa Hix — March 7th, At New York Fashion Week last month, this extravagant, expensive material was so abundant , it might have been everyday wool. Not just seen on coats, jackets, and stoles, designers fashioned furs into skirts, oversize mittens, dresses, blouses, and even hoodies.

GRANDMA’S COAT It all started the day my grandma gave me one of her beautiful fur coats. What do you think about people who only wear vintage fur? However, I’ll tolerate all furs dating from before (my.

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Recycling a vintage mink coat

Grandma’s coat by levi’s denim lovers, and jacket featured in a vintage. This answer still relevant and consignment shops in fact, jackets coats. Keep reading after the jump to know your appraiser for every occasion from, rather than accept it is worn and.

Fur coats and stoles from the ’50s and ’60s evoke the lux, decadent identifying vintage fur, see Davis’ post “How to Identify Vintage Mink, Fox.

If you are a Denver gal who as have been lucky enough to be the recipient of one or more vintage fur coats, you probably feel a mix of excitement and confusion. After all, the word vintage also implies that the fur coat may well be out of date. Give us a call and we can restyle your vintage coat into something that you will be proud to wear today. Here are just some of the ways we can transform your fur. We can turn a vintage fur into several different pieces, such as a hat, scarf, or handbag.

Shorten the Coat If your vintage fur is long, sometimes just shortening it can bring it up to date. You can also use the portion of the coat that is removed to create some of the accessories we just mentioned! Take Off the Sleeves Remove the sleeves from vintage fur coat and you have a brand-new trendy vest. Another idea is to turn the coat into a shawl. Think About Sheering Most fur coats can be cut back to give the fur an entirely new look. Removing the long fur and leaving only the soft under layer can create a much more appealing look; the new piece will also be a lighter garment, so you can get more use out of it during cool weather rather than just frigid days.

Take Apart the Entire Coat Depending on the style and size of your vintage fur, it might be possible to take it apart completely and create an entire new piece from the pieces of fur. You can create an entirely new piece for your wardrobe this way.

How to Buy & Care For Your Vintage Fur

Ad for Albrecht fur coats, Delineator, Nov. Just because a fur coat is years old does not necessarily mean that you can sell it without a permit. And you need to know your bird species if you are selling vintage hats. In fact, you need to know your animal products, from feathers to ivory to crocodile to tortoiseshell, snakes — and more. I have updated my recent post about a Vintage Store that was raided by California and U.


As an individual, you might find it difficult to navigate this very sensitive landscape. I would feel awful wearing it now. He kind of laughed it off — he worked in fashion and said he appreciated it for what it was, but I could tell he was absolutely mortified. Needless to say that relationship was short-lived. I feel like they need a burial as they were once a living, feeling being, but that is in conflict with my waste awareness.

So they are in storage until some kind of amnesty takes place. I would never judge people by their fashion choices, but with so much spotlight on how animals are killed for their products, I would like to think people would make better choices. I channel that when I put it on, though I wear it over jeans on the school run. It feels like a hug.

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