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Dating pyrex marks

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In , Pyrex introduced the Rainbow Stripe set featuring three mixing bowls with a stripped pattern in pink, sandalwood and blue. They later.

You’ve definitely seen those old-fashioned Pyrex dishes somewhere. The brightly hued containers — often decorated with floral motifs — can be found at yard sales, grandparents’ homes or even your own kitchen cupboard. Maybe you only use them for cooking that special stuffing or dressing to serve with the turkey on Thanksgiving Think you’re sitting on a vintage Pyrex gold mine?

Look out for opaque, brightly colored pieces that often feature floral or geometric designs. While you’re home for the holidays and everyone else is watching football, consider going through the cupboards to see if you can discover any hidden Pyrex treasures. Vintage Pyrex collectors are currently sharing their glassware hauls, swaps and purchases on dozens of Pyrex Facebook groups. The hashtag pyrexjunkie on Instagram reveals over 23, posts from the glassware aficionados. Between avid collectors and other home cooks, the century-old Pyrex brand is still beloved by many.

I freaking love Pyrex. Pyrex can go in the fridge, freezer, oven, and stove top.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Lead in Vintage Pyrex Bowls

Pyrex history and collecting is fun and vintage, if you know what to look out for. By , the Pyrex money featured 22 different pieces that served various purposes. But the colored vintage Pyrex bowls, which debuted in and lasted well into the s are what collectors go lucky over.

I have 3 bowls with Crazy daisy, Spring Blossom pattern-the smallest bowl is avocado green-bottom reads PYREX-for oven and microwave.

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The Smart Essentials Glass Mixing Bowl can be used for mixing as well as storing food. The bowl is made out of premium quality glass and the cover is made out.

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Guide to Vintage Pyrex Patterns

Why not? Many collectors love Pyrex simply because it reminds them of childhood. For still others, the fun of Pyrex is in the thrill of the hunt. Vintage Jadeite and Fire King have similar followings.

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Morgan Mancha has more than 3, pieces of Pyrex, enough that she can’t possibly keep everything on display despite her four hutches. Courtesy of Morgan Mancha hide caption. In , an advertisement proclaiming, “Bake in a glass! Corning Glass Works in New York had created a product that allowed food to be mixed, baked and served all in the same dish.

By , 4 million pieces of Pyrex — a new, durable glassware — had been sold to customers throughout the United States. Compared to modern kitchen items, vintage Pyrex — which is heavy, increasingly expensive and not dishwasher safe — doesn’t seem immediately practical. Yet people remain obsessed with the old Pyrex — not just to look at but to actually use. Michael Barber, author of the Pyrex Passion blog and guides to various patterns and colors of the dishware, started thinking about vintage Pyrex while helping his mother clean out her house.

He remembered her baking with the pieces during his childhood. He took them home instead, later discovering that they had first belonged to his grandmother — he was the third generation to use them. Pyrex has been passed down from generation to generation and has retained both its durability and bright colors. Though the earliest Pyrex was made of clear glass, in Corning debuted a set of different-sized colored mixing bowls that could nest together like Russian dolls to save space.

They were made out of soda lime opal glass, which had originally been used in military cafeterias. Pearl white on the inside, the outsides of the four-bowl set were each yellow, green, red and blue.

Your Vintage Pyrex Could Be Worth Big Bucks

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Dating Pyrex Patterns Pattern Library. image size. filter patterns by tag holding onto our mom’s or grandma’s colorful nesting bowl sets.

Not so! It is is still going strong, and if I had to name the number one vintage collectible for it would undoubtedly be Pyrex! Not to be confused with more recent issues, it is Pyrex products from through the late s that collectors are looking for. After the war, Pyrex products were made of this opal glass and decorated with bright solid colors or patterns. Be it an online shop, one of our local antique malls, or on a table at a neighborhood yard sale, collectors are willing to pay top dollar to get that one piece to complete their collection.

By the nature of its design, Pyrex is a collectors dream because the majority of it came in sets, and you simply must have the full set! Serious collectors are amassing huge collections of the popular kitchenware including refrigerator sets, nesting mixing bowls and salt and pepper shakers. Chip and Dip sets were at the peek of their popularity from to and two of the top sellers were produced by Pyrex.

Both of these are turquoise and white. The often unmarked “Hot ‘N Cold Chip and Dip” in the Eyes pattern was issued in , and saw the release of the Balloon pattern Chip ‘n Dip, which is always marked. Both of these are found in the popular turquoise and white.

Vintage Pyrex – Primary Color Mixing Bowls, 400 Series, Thrift Store Gold!